The 2024 OPCYP Virtus Integration provides a one-stop-shop for the applicant to register for their safe environment training. It also will assist OPCYP in the approval process now that OPCYP will collect and manage all the information in the Management Portal. The following are the immediate benefits of the new integration:

  • Creation of only one account through the OPCYP Management Portal account is necessary.
  • Notification after DocuSign approval via a confirmation email is automatically sent to the applicant.
  • Registration for a Virtus session is provided through the link embedded in the application confirmation email.
  • Compliance with the OPCYP policy ensures timely training is respected by only providing the applicant training sessions within the 45-day window that starts with the DocuSign application approval.
  • Communication of Virtus registration is sent to the applicant when it is complete.
  • Communication to remind the applicant of the training commitment and the location address is sent 7 days before the event.
  • Completion of the safe environment training registration is ensured via automatic email reminders at the following intervals:
    1. 15 days after application completion and DocuSign approval
    2. 35 days after application completion and DocuSign approval
    3. 45 days after application completion and DocuSign approval
  • Notification of non-compliance resulting from the lack of Virtus training is sent at 55 days after application completion and DocuSign approval.


Below you will find a YouTube video of our webinar with a guided walk-through of what the applicant will experience during the registration process. Additionally, the question and answer period is included.