DocuSign: Decline Forms

  1. Decline to Sign
    1. If you find any errors which require correction, click OTHER ACTIONS, and select Decline to Sign.
    2. On the Caution panel, click CONTINUE to delete the current forms envelope.

    3. On the Decline to Sign panel, enter information for why you are rejecting the Applicant’s forms, and click DECLINE TO SIGN.

    4. DocuSign displays a Declined to Sign page and sends an email to the Applicant and to the Liaison.

    5. The Applicant can make the required updates by logging back into the Online Background Application and then resubmit application and sign updated forms for review and approval.
      2. Select Employee or Volunteer

      3. Language: Select the language you wish to complete the application in. 

        1. Sign into your account on the Left-Hand Side (Do not create an account).