Returning Volunteer/Employee

Returning Volunteers/Employees are required to reactivate their compliance account by updating their information and completing the Online Background Check Application

Following the completion of the application, individuals will need to sign forms using DocuSign

If you’ve completed a CPS Form or attended an approved VIRTUS session in the past, you are not required to complete it again. If you are a returning employee and you’ve completed Fingerprints, you are not required to complete it again.  

For further instruction, contact your Liaison.

Collect Information to complete the Online Background Check 

  1. Use Legal Name and 
  2. Email Address 
  3. Application Type Select: Volunteer
  4. Volunteer Position Title (provided from Child Protection Liaison) 
  5. Parish/School Location Name: Select correct Location where you will be volunteering. 
  6. Provide one of the following: Driver’s License, State Issued ID, Passport #, Social Security # or ITIN
  7. Residence Information: Last 15 years of Address History 
  8. Family Information: Spouse information (previous marriages), Children’s Full Legal Name & Date of Birth (including foster children, stepchildren, adult children, and those not living with you)
  9. Criminal History Information (i.e., charges/convictions, jurisdiction, approximate date)
  10. Employment History for the last 5 years: If you have worked for the same company for the past five years, provide at least one other employer if possible. If you were a student, provide the school information. If you were a homemaker please include the time frame. Do not leave Employment History Blank. 


Follow the Steps below to begin Reactivating your Compliance account

  1. Complete the Online OPCYP Application 


  1. Select Employee or Volunteer

Language: Select the language you wish to complete the application in. 

  1. Sign into your account on the Left-Hand Side (Do not create an account).

*Don’t know Username: Contact your Child Protection Liaison and request your username. 

*Don’t Know Password*: 

  1. Type your username (Contact your LIAISON if you don’t know your username)
  2. An automated email will be sent providing a link to reset password
  3. Return to the OPCYP application link above (step 1)


  1. Sign in and complete each section of the application by selecting “edit”. 
  2. After submitting your application, please sign forms on DocuSign

*Recognized Mistakes on DocuSign Need Help- 

  1. You Liaison will review you signed forms and will “approve” or “decline”.