OPCYP Volunteer Code of Conduct Update Instructions


Bishop Burbidge promulgated an updated of the Laity Code of Conduct (CoC) on

February 1, 2022. The Policy update was necessary to include updates in civil law,

canon law, and Church documents that relate to child protection.


The Diocese requires all volunteers to acknowledge that you have received an updated



Attached to this email you received from your parish or school liaison is a copy of the

CoC and an acknowledgment page (last page). This acknowledgment page requires

you to provide basic identifying information and an electronic signature. You must use

Adobe Reader, which is free on your computer or mobile device.



  • Open the attached PDF.
  • Go to the last page.
  • Type in your full legal name
  • For the line, "Position/Ministry", type what you are doing at the location
  • For the line, "Volunteer/Seeking to Volunteer at”, type where you are serving.
  • Enter an email or phone number
  • Enter today's date.


CLICK fill and sign. This will allow you to move your signature to the bottom to the

signature line.

CLICK Submit.

CLICK Continue.

CLICK Finish. This will automatically attach the document to an email with the

proper email addresses already loaded in the address section. We encourage you to send

it as an encrypted email if this makes you more comfortable. Instructions to encrypt an

email may be found in the help section of your email program.



  1. If the signature block has been removed, Adobe Reader will allow you to sign the document with a signature button under the Tools drop-down box. Please see the graphic on the second page for additional assistance.
  2. If your submit button does not work, some firewalls and antivirus programs strip the coding, save the document, attach it to an email and send it back to your liaison.
  3. If your firewall or antivirus program has removed all the fillable fields, feel free to print the form, complete and sign it with a pen, scan or take a picture of it and email it back to your liaison.