Employees and Volunteers with substantial contact with children have a 45-day grace period to attend a VIRTUS training. All other members of the community are welcome and encouraged to attend a training. 

 The 45 day begins from the day the individual has completed their online background check application and it has been approved by the parish/school liaison. 

Employees and Volunteers must complete the online background check application first, before registering for training. 

For more information to start your online application, please contact the parish/school liaison where you will be working/volunteering. 

Dates and times of currently scheduled VIRTUS sessions are available for view and registration at the VIRTUS Online page. 

We are no longer offering live virtual VIRTUS Sessions in our Diocese. To assist those who are still wary, facilitators have been instructed to provide a small section of the presentation room to be set aside for those who would like to remain socially distant.