Liaisons: Returning volunteers/employees are not required to submit a new diocesan CPS form or Fingerprints if it has been completed previously. If an Individual has attended VIRTUS they are not required to retake the training.

Please lead the applicant through the following steps to reactivate their account:

Step1: Applicant logs back into the OPCYP portal

To reactivate a returning individual’s record, the applicant will need to log-in to the portal:

  1. Have the applicant log into the OPCYP portal to
    1. Update the E/V record
    2. Contact information
    3. Sign any forms that are required
  2. If the applicant does not have a username:
    1. Ensure they have a valid email address
    2. Continue to Step 2


  1. Liaisons Submit a ticket on Freshdesk

To reactivate a returning individual, provide the following to Freshdesk:  

  1. Full legal Name (First, Middle and Last) 
  2. Individual’s Email 
  3. Last 4 of the social or Date of Birth 


***NOTA BENE: One ticket per person.


Step 2: OPCYP will Provide Liaisons...

After OPCYP has verified the individual is in our system, OPCYP will provide the liaison with the individual’s Username through a Freshdesk ticket. 


Step 3: Liaisons Provide the Volunteer/Employee

Liaisons are to provide the returning volunteer/employee the following: 


  1. Instructions through the Freshdesk article, Reactivating Your OPCYP Account
  2. Username
  3. Applicant Type (Clergy, Employee, Volunteer, Contractor) 
  4. Position Title (Employee Code or Volunteer Code) 
  5. Location Name (Name of Parish/School)