It is common that outside groups request permission to use parish or school facilities for events or on-going meetings. OPCYP also frequently receives the question from liaisons concerning whether or not a particular group is required to be compliant with OPCYP policies. The short answer is "Yes".

Groups should not be admitted at will without first establishing an official relationship between the parish/school and the group. This maybe done using the Office of Risk Management's Facility Use Agreement. This agreement has been designed and vetted by the Diocesan Office of General Counsel and is meant to used by all diocesan entities when allowing outside groups to host events or on-going meetings on parish or school property.

Additionally, once the appropriate information is collected and input into the form, it should be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel to ensure that the parish and the school's best interests are being considered and protected.  The Office of General Counsel in reviewing the agreement may also determine that there are additional requirements which may be necessary due to the program or group activities/dynamics. One such requirement could be an insurance certificate.

Attached is a copy of the most recently approved Facility Use Agreement.  Should you have any questions concerning this agreement, please feel free to contact:

Ms. Mary Stewart, Office of Risk Management, (703) 841-2758

Ms. Bonny Bunson, Office of General Counsel, (703) 841-2524