Freshdesk allows the customer to set the priority of the ticket they are submitting. This priority not only determines how quickly OPCYP needs to respond to the ticket but also how it appears in the work orders presented to OPCYP. The higher the priority, the higher on the list it appears and the quicker OPCYP is required to respond.

As a reminder, the are the time allotments for each priority for Freshdesk tickets:


First response

Resolution time


1 hour

4 hours


4 hours

12 hours


8 hours

1 day


1 day

3 days

OPCYP has also provided the most common questions and the priorities that are to be applied.

Low Priority

  • VIRTUS updates (e.g., attendance, dates of sessions, transfer, etc.)
  • Signed Policy and Code of Conduct Forms
  • Questions regarding policies (e.g., CPS form requirements, and Daycare requirements)
  • Invoice question or billing dispute
  • General questions

Medium Priority

  • Compliance questions regarding events, chaperones, minor volunteers, etc.
  • Correcting errors in DocuSign, Liaison portal, rejecting applications, SSN already in use, etc.
  • NCSI search when it is more than five business days ahve elapsed since submission
  • Fingerprint updates
  • Compliance reports
  • Liaison change and update
  • Record search/update volunteer information
  • Cannot attend VIRTUS session

High Priority

  • Username request
  • Tickets submitted by clergy
  • OPCYP changes and policy announcements
  • Error messages


Urgent Priority

  • Compliance questions for event occurring within one to two days or employees/volunteers starting in one or 2 days
  • Background checks for individuals that need to start immediately and received their offer letter within three days of  ticket submission