Question: I was updating a record and I input the wrong E/V activity for the individual. How do I fix this issue?

Answer: First, do not panic, there is a quick and easy solution for this challenge. The following steps will fix this issue:

  1. Add another E/V activity with the correct information
  2. Open the incorrect E/V activity and type into the notes section that the wrong E/V Position was entered
  3. Input the End Date with the same Start Date

Nota Bene: It is important to enter the new E/V activity first before you close the incorrect activity with an End Date. If you close out the E/V Activity, and there was only one Activity listed, then you will no longer have access to the record.

If you have accidently closed out a record, please send a FreshDesk Ticket and request we reopen the record with the correct E/V.