Compliance Reports are completed once a quarter by all parishes and schools. The report is meant to accomplish the following goals:

  • Ensures that the employee and volunteer (Those with substantial contact) lists are accurate;
  • Ensures that various ministries are keeping accurate records and are providing the data;
  • Provides an accurate summary of the various ministries for the Pastor and/or Principal; and
  • Encourages ongoing communication with ministry heads.

Best Practices

OPCYP encourages the following Best Practices for liaisons:

  • Establish a contact list of ministries heads who are responsible for providing the data that the liaison needs;
  • Establish reporting dates that set reasonable deadlines for the information to be provided to you; 
  • Provide ample lead time in case the Liaison or Pastor/Principal have questions for the ministry heads;
  • Ensure that the Employee Dayforce Positions match those listed in the OPCYP Management Portal;
  • Ensure Employees listed on Payroll are listed on the OPCYP Portal;
  • Set an appointment to met with your Pastor or Principal to share your findings with them before they are required to sign-off on the report;
  • Determine the steps and communication process your Pastor and/or Principal wants to take in the event that individuals are found to be non-complaint prior to OPCYP involvement; and 
  • Submit tickets for questions about the compliance report in advance of the report due date.

Lessons Learned

OPCYP has also gathered together the following Lessons Learned:

  • Do not wait to the last minute or the task will be overwhelming;
  • Keep up with your compliance report on a weekly basis to ensure that you do not have major corrective work at the end of the quarter;
  • Do not try to do it all on your own. Ministry heads know their volunteers and are cooperative when their expectations are managed and they are given ample lead time to respond;
  • Do not blindside your Pastor or Principal. Keep them informed about challenges and involve them in the communication process with employees and volunteers.

OPCYP hopes that these Best Practices and Lessons Learned will assist you in your important work. Should you have further suggestions, please feel free to share them with us through Freshdesk with the hashtag #CRSuggestions.

Additionally, we have attached the instructions for using the report for your convenience. To find the due dates, please see: 2021 Compliance Report Due Dates.