VIRTUS: Protecting God’s Children for Adults (Virtus) is the safe environment Program selected by the Bishop for use in the Diocese of Arlington. Attendance is required for all diocesan employees and all volunteers with substantial contact with minors. Virtus is used in more than 140 dioceses in the United States to varying degrees. For those dioceses whose training is comparable to the requirements of the Arlington Diocese, credit may be transferred.

How to Transfer Training

If you an employee/volunteer who attended a LIVE in-person training in a different diocese, it is possible that Virtus may transfer that credit to our Diocese. The individual is responsible for contacting the VIRTUS help desk via phone at (888) 847-8870 or email to request that their account be transferred to the Arlington Diocese. Virtus is aware of our training requirements and knows which dioceses Arlington will accept.

OPCYP Does Not Accept...

The Diocese of Arlington neither accepts the VIRTUS Online Training Version nor versions shorter than 2.5 hours. Since the current situation due to COVID-19 has prevented a good deal of LIVE in-person training, VIRTUS is being presented online. The Diocese of Arlington online training is accepted because the training is LIVE and in-person.

Additionally, the Diocese of Arlington does not accept training certificates from other dioceses. The individual must have their account transferred to the Diocese of Arlington. Still having issues? Use the following next steps to get further assistance:

Need OPCYP Assistance

  1. Submit a ticket on Freshdesk 
  2. Include in the Subject Line: Update VIRTUS Training
  3. Include in the Description Box:
    1. Individual’s Full Name
    2. Compliance ID #
    3. Training Date  

Thank you for all that you do!