The information in a Compliance Report is drawn from an individual’s OPCYP application and the information that liaisons update through the OPCYP Management Portal. In an effort to help liaisons submit the most accurate Compliance Report possible, OPCYP has provided the following checklist to assist you.

Compliance Report Submission Checklist

  • Run a Query for Employees & Volunteers 
    • Are the Employee & Volunteer positions accurate?
      • Attached is the EV Positions List
      • If you need to update a position, add the new position first then place an end date for the old position


  • Request your payroll processer provide you with a list of Employees 
    • Does the list of employees match the employees on your report?


  • Request a list of current Volunteers from the Department Heads 
    • Does the list provided by ministry heads match the names on your report?


  • Deactivate Employees/Volunteers no longer serving
    • Are there individuals on your report that are no longer employed or volunteering for your location?
      • If individuals return, Liaisons may “search” and add individuals removed within the last 6 months since they’ve been deactivated 
    • Liaisons may only deactivate individuals with compliance status listed as: Yes, or Pending
    • To deactivate an individual with compliance status listed as No, please submit a ticket through Freshdesk providing the following information: 
      • Subject Line: Deactivate 
      • Priority: Low/Medium 
      • Description: Provide Compliance ID number and full name. Indicate to remove individual from the parish/school name


  • Request Safe-Environment Training Updates
    • Is there anyone listed that should have received Virtus credit that did not?
      • If “YES, submit a ticket through Freshdesk requesting the Virtus Training be updated and provide the following: 
        • Subject Line: VIRTUS Update 
        • Priority: Low/Medium 
        • Description: Include the Compliance ID #, Full Name and date of training 

Helpful Documents

  1. Volunteer Position Code List
  2. Employee Position Code List 
  3. Compliance Report with DocuSign Approval Process
  4. 2020 OPCYP Quarterly Compliance Report Due Dates