A number of  your volunteers have shared that when they go to click the submit button it does not work.


After looking into this challenge we have determined that the issue is with the individual's firewall and/or virus protection software that is stripping the .pdf of the executable functions.  The individual has three options:

  • Option 1: Save the form before attempting to submit it. Close out of the file, open it and try again.

  • Option 2: Disable the firewall and/or virus protocol that removes the executable function from the liaison's email address. Send the file to them again and the button will work.

  • Option 3: Provide them your email address and OPCYP's ( email address to have them send the document back; request that they attach the completed file; and send. This adds another step but would resolve the issue.

Additionally, OPCYP will accept acknowledgements that have been handwritten but emailed.