Prior to clicking Finish, most data in the Applicant Portal can be edited and adjusted.  Please take your time to review all information at each phase, and again in review, prior to clicking Finish.  Once you proceed and click Finish, documents are created in DocuSign, and you will not be able to edit the fields in the Applicant Portal while those documents exist.

If the documents are destroyed (see this FAQ: ) you can return to the portal to make corrections. To edit any data you will need to select the "Enter/Edit" Applicant button on the page with the relevant information to be corrected.

E.g. to edit the "Applicant Information" tab, you would have to click "Enter/Edit Applicant Information" as seen below.

If information on one of the other pages also needs to be edited, you will need to select the "Enter/Edit" button on that page before being able to edit that information.

Please note, that if ANY required fields are not completed, edits will not be saved.  Please complete all required fields before editing data.

Please also note, that in some cases, data extends beyond the normal length of the screen, vertically, or horizontally.  There may be more questions, or fields, that are obscured from the initial view.  Use the scroll bars to gain access to those questions, and the "pencil" icon which will allow editing those fields, if required.  E.g., see these two screenshots:

The edit button is off-screen, to the right, and must be access by using the scroll bar.

Now, I can click the pencil to edit the typographical error in my first name.  The changes will be saved, but, again, if there are required fields that have not been updated yet, the changes saved here will NOT be reflected on the update, making it seem like the edit function is not working.

If this happens, be sure to return to the edit screen after completing the mandatory fields, so that all changes are saved appropriately before continuing.

Once all information for a page has been completed, it can still be edited at this stage, but the Enter/Edit button will turn red.

If the button is red to start, it should be easier to edit, since all mandatory fields have already been completed, and unless the editing removes that data, or makes it invalid, all other edits will be easier.